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Directorate of Colonial Surveys (1960 (circa))
Large ordnance survey map of Sierre Leone sheets 1 & 2, 7 & 8 and 13 & 14 only, scale 1: 10,000 most in fine condition. 26 x 37"
Image of one sheet only.

WATERLOW & SONS LTD Map of Sierre Leone Protectorate.
WATERLOW & SONS LTD Map of Sierre Leone Protectorate.

Coloured folding map showing roads and railways. 14.5 x 16"

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FERNBANK Peter E. and BLINCO Jeff & John King Edward VII Imperium Key Plates. Printings, plate number allocations and key plate varieties B.W.I.S.C. 2020 vii + 191 large pp. New in card covers A study of the Imperium style key plate issues within the 16 colonies that employed this design. The formats of the key plates are determined and a detailed plating study of Key Plate 1 is provided, a rare example of such a study on a surface printing plate, whilst the ‘Spaven’ and ‘Missing Frame’ flaws are examined in depth. Philately has long misunderstood the format of Key Plate 2 and its true size and format is revealed. A study is made of the damage sustained to the marginal areas of the plates, particularly the marginal rules, which can assist in determining the date of printing of certain marginal examples. Individual colony sections list all printings for each colony and the use of ordinary or chalk-surfaced paper is recorded for all printings. The basis on which the plate number allocated to each printing has been deduced is given. Additional information has been derived from the De La Rue and Crown Agents records, together with that from philatelic literature, and any exceptional events noted.

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1910 cover from soldier in 2nd W.I. Regiment serving in Sierre Leone sent to England with 1d cancelled on arrival in U.K. with PLYMOUTH PAQUEBOT machine cancel. Embossed West India Regiment monagram on reverse.

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