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1908 NIAMEY SENEGAL cds on postcard to France
1908 NIAMEY SENEGAL cds on postcard to France
1908 NIAMEY SENEGAL cds on postcard to France

sent via IN SALAH OASIS SAHARIENNES (Algeria). Tone spotting on stamp.
Scarce commercial use.

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COLLOT Gerard and CORNU Alain French African Airmails 1932-1940, An English translation of volume two of Lignes Africaines (1992), Translated by John Parmenter with Colin Spong and John Hammonds John Parmenter 2013 272 large pp. Two small National PS h/s's otherwise fine in original boards.

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FORTIER Senegal - Louga - La Gare. 413 Old Senegal postcard used in 1905 to France with 5c tied by N'GAYE - MEKHE SENEGAL cds.

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DARD C.A. and BRISSON M. de; GODIN des ODONAIS J. Perils and Captivity: Comprising The Sufferings of the Picard Family after the Shipwreck of the Medusa (1816); Narrative of the Captivity of M. de Brissons (1765) and: Voyage of Madame Godin along the River of the Amazonas (1770) Constable's Miscellany of Original and Selected Publications in the various Departments of Literature, Science, & Arts. Vol. XI. 1827 334pp. 1st ed., fine in full calf prize binding. One page of text torn without loss. Much on life in Senegal

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